Discovering the Ultimate Sleep Companion: Perytong Soft Sleep Headphones

Welcome to Elevated Dad, your go-to platform for parenting tips and lifestyle hacks that make raising awesome humans a solo endeavor a bit easier. Today, I’m sharing an incredible find that revolutionized my nighttime routine, promising to do the same for you: the Perytong Soft Sleep Headphones.

During a period of sleepless nights filled with tossing, turning, and the daunting specter of insomnia, I found myself desperate for a solution that didn’t involve medication. My journey led me to explore music, podcasts, and stories at bedtime. However, traditional headphones were a no-go due to their bulk and discomfort, and earbuds presented a risk to my ear health. This quest for better sleep led me to a groundbreaking discovery that I’m thrilled to share with you.

The Search for Perfect Sleep Headphones

Let’s set the scene: laying in bed, trying to drift off to the sound of your favorite relaxing music or podcast, but there’s a problem. Conventional headphones are cumbersome, and earbuds dig into your ear canals, making a comfortable night’s sleep feel more like a pipe dream. That’s where the journey to find the perfect sleep companion began.

Unboxing the Perytong Soft Sleep Headphones

Upon arrival, the Perytong Soft Sleep Headphones might not seem extraordinary, given their humble packaging. However, it’s what lies inside that box that’s a game-changer for anyone seeking a peaceful night’s rest.

First impressions? The headphones come in a soft, flexible headband. Available in various colors, its versatility is immediately apparent, easily folding into the palm of my hand. The control unit nestled within the fabric pairs effortlessly with my iPhone via Bluetooth, simplifying navigation between tracks or adjusting volume levels with a few easy presses.

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Key Features

  • Soft, Wearable Design: Unlike traditional headphones or intrusive earbuds, these sleep headphones are housed in a comfortable, stretchy fabric headband, making them perfect for side sleepers or anyone sensitive to ear pressure.
  • Ease of Use: The control unit is intuitive, with straightforward functions for power, volume adjustment, and track navigation. It’s compatible with various devices and even functions seamlessly with the YouTube app, allowing uninterrupted listening throughout the night.
  • Sound Quality and Comfort: Concealed within the fabric are flat speakers, flush against the headband, ensuring no pressure points regardless of sleeping position. The sound quality is impressive, offering a personal soundscape without disturbing others.
  • Adjustability and Durability: The ability to adjust the speaker position within the fabric ensures the sound is just where you need it. Plus, the inclusion of a USB-C connector for charging means it’s ready for several nights on a single charge.

Living with the Perytong Soft Sleep Headphones

The transition to using these headphones has been nothing short of transformative. With a medium to large head size, I found the fit snug yet unrestrictive, thanks to its stretchable design. The fear of damaging traditional headphones in sleep or the discomfort of earbuds is a thing of the past. Now, falling asleep to the sounds of nature, music, or spoken word is an effortless, comfortable process that I look forward to each night.


In conclusion, the Perytong Soft Sleep Headphones are not just a gadget; they’re a lifestyle upgrade. For anyone struggling with sleep quality, discomfort with traditional headphones, or ear health concerns, this product promises a solution that’s both innovative and effective. It has changed the way I approach bedtime, transforming it into a sanctuary of sound and comfort. If you’re on a quest for a better night’s sleep, consider giving these headphones a try. Your body (and ears) will thank you.

As for kids wearing these, I do not see this as being an issue. These would make for great kids headphone as they are durable and flexible. All the wires are hidden and there is less of a chance that they’d get damaged. My son would love to sneak off with my headphones and wear them to bed, but he’s usually out after my reading him a book, so I get the Perytong Soft Sleep Headphones all to myself!

Remember, the journey to raising awesome humans starts with taking care of ourselves. A good night’s sleep is foundational, and with the right tools, like the Perytong Soft Sleep Headphones, it’s entirely within reach.

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