Navigating the Scholastic Book Fair: A Guide for Single Dads

As a single dad, finding ways to connect with your child is always a top priority, especially when it comes to education and personal development. Recently, the Scholastic Book Fair flyer came home with my second-grade son, sparking excitement and presenting a new opportunity to further his love for reading. Exploring the flyer, we discovered a range of books that could not only entertain him but also enhance his learning experiences outside the classroom.

A Closer Look at the Fair Offerings

Spotlight on Favorites

The Scholastic Book Fair isn’t merely a buying opportunity—it’s a treasure trove. One standout series that my son circled immediately was the “Grumpy Monkey” series. Having followed this series for a while, he has grown to love the character’s adventures, which mix humor with valuable life lessons. These books are perfect for stirring emotions and sparking conversations on feelings and behaviors.

Discovering New Reads

The fair also introduces us to unfamiliar titles, creating a perfect moment to explore new genres and subjects. For instance, my son showed interest in a book titled “Listen to My Trumpet,” something neither of us has encountered but seems promising for a young music enthusiast. Then there’s “Gator Bites,” focused on alligators, an excellent pick for young nature lovers captivated by wildlife.

Series That Stick

My son is a fan of ongoing series, which makes discovering books like “Dog Man” and “Bad Guys” at the fair a significant advantage. These books, often combining exciting narratives with a graphic novel format, are fantastic for sustained reading sessions, particularly as bedtime stories.

Tying Interests to Reading

Linking Hobbies and Books

The magic of reading is in its ability to meld with a child’s existing interests. My son, for instance, is a huge fan of Legos and Minecraft. Finding books like “Ninjago” by Lego and the “Minecraft Wolf Diaries” allows him to deepen his engagement with these hobbies through reading. This crossover between play and learning not only enhances his enjoyment but also encourages regular reading habits.

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Enhancing Literacy Skills

Choosing the Right Level

Navigating book choices at the Scholastic Book Fair also involves selecting the right reading level. While I often buy books that match my son’s current reading ability, I also read higher-level books to him. This strategy, recommended by educators, helps in gradually building his comprehension skills and vocabulary. Currently, while he’s in second grade, I read him books intended for fourth or fifth graders. The results? A noticeable improvement in his language skills and a growing love for stories.


Participating in the Scholastic Book Fair has become more than just an event—it’s a journey into the exciting world of books with my son. It is an excellent way for single dads like me to engage actively in our children’s educational life and see firsthand their growth and interests develop through literature. Each book fair visit brings us closer, strengthens his reading skills, and broadens his view of the world.

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