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National Geographic Super Gross Chemistry Set: A Quick Review

Experimentation is a cornerstone of scientific learning, and for young aspiring scientists, the opportunity to engage with hands-on kits can spark a lifelong interest in the subject. One such kit that has garnered my attention is the National Geographic Super Gross Chemistry Set. This extensive kit promises a plethora of intriguing experiments designed to both educate and entertain. Below, I delve into the details and provide insights for fellow fathers considering this kit for their children.

Introduction to the National Geographic Super Gross Chemistry Set

The National Geographic Super Gross Chemistry Set, specifically the “gross kit” version, offers an array of 45 experiments that cater to curiosity about all things slimy and bizarre. This kit stands out due to its comprehensive content and the engaging nature of the experiments, making it an excellent educational tool for children.

What’s Inside the Kit?

Upon unpacking the National Geographic Super Gross Chemistry Set, the sheer weight and volume of the contents become immediately evident. The kit is meticulously packed with:

  • A variety of food colorings
  • Molds for creating different shapes
  • Essential materials such as test tubes
  • Protective gear including goggles

The kit provides nearly everything required to get started on the experiments, with only a few additional items needed from home, such as boiling water.

Experiments That Fascinate

Among the 45 experiments, children can create an array of gross and fascinating items, including:

  • Eyeballs
  • Slime
  • Brains
  • Blood packs
  • Worms and fungus

One standout aspect of this kit is the ability to create items like bubbling blood and little cell packs that pop, offering a realistic and educational experience. However, it is vital to note that due to the nature of these experiments, which often involve food coloring, supervision is necessary to prevent spills and stains.

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Age Appropriateness and Safety Considerations

The kit is rated for children aged eight and older. My personal experience indicates that while younger children, like my seven-year-old, can enjoy the kit, they will require supervision and assistance, particularly with mixing and handling hot water. The materials included are generally safe for children, but caution is advised for those with allergies, particularly to food coloring. Parents may opt for additional safety measures such as using latex gloves.

Practical Tips for Using the Kit

Given the messy nature of many experiments, it is advisable to:

  • Conduct experiments on surfaces that are easy to clean
  • Avoid using good clothes that may get stained by food coloring
  • Prepare for cleanup in advance

Learning these lessons the hard way emphasizes the need for preparedness to enhance the overall experience without unnecessary stress.


The National Geographic Super Gross Chemistry Set is a remarkable educational tool that provides a robust and engaging introduction to science for children. The extensive array of experiments, combined with the detailed materials included, makes it a worthwhile investment for any parent seeking to inspire a love of science in their children. If you are considering this kit, it promises not just fun, but a genuinely educational experience.

Should you have any suggestions for similar kits, questions about this one, or experiences you’d like to share, please comment below. Your feedback is invaluable, and I look forward to hearing from you.

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