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Know The Land Before Buying! Use Google Earth Ruler Tool

You have to know the land before buying it! Before buying land use Google Earth’s ruler tool. Google Earth is a powerful tool that provides a unique perspective for individuals looking to purchase and develop property. It’s important to know that Google Earth is not the same as Google Maps!

In this blog post, I’ll be sharing my insights and experiences on using the ruler tool in Google Earth for property research. The ruler tool offers valuable information that can influence decision-making when it comes to property purchase and development.

The Importance of the Ruler Tool

When embarking on property research, the ruler tool in Google Earth is an essential resource that allows users to measure distances, plot out boundaries, and gauge various setbacks and requirements that could impact property development. Whether you’re planning to build a homestead, embark on a construction project, or simply need to understand the layout of a potential property, the ruler tool comes in handy from the initial stages of research.

Seriously, you need to use the Google Earth ruler tool before buying land. To answer the “why?” I know you’re asking, it’s because from the ground level you don’t actually see things in perspective. Sure, a couple acres of land sounds like a lot, but map it out and see if your future plans will work!

Real-Life Application of the Google Earth Ruler Tool

I once sought to purchase a piece of property in Virginia, and it was during this experience that I truly understood the power of the ruler tool. The property, situated on Pond Road in Buckingham Virginia, was a 20-acre plot with unique features. Using Google Earth, I was able to locate the property based on distinctive landmarks and boundaries, showcasing the efficiency of the tool in identifying specific land parcels.

Utilizing the Ruler Tool for Property Assessment

The ruler tool allows for precise measurements, offering insights into various property attributes. This includes the identification of water sources, recognition of specific tree types (such as old hardwood trees), and even uncovering hidden treasures that may be concealed within the property. Moreover, the tool facilitates the assessment of proximity to existing structures and features, such as neighboring houses and power lines.

Planning and Development Considerations

With the ability to customize measurements in feet, miles, or yards, the ruler tool aids in understanding setbacks and requirements for property development. Before buying land, use Google Earth’s ruler tool to plot out distances for potential building sites, septic tanks, wells, and power lines, users can visualize different scenarios and plan the layout of their property effectively. This insight is particularly crucial in ensuring compliance with building codes and regulations while optimizing the property’s potential.

Advanced Applications and Future Considerations

Beyond the basic functionalities, the ruler tool in Google Earth can be leveraged for more advanced assessments, including elevation analysis and terrain considerations. Understanding these elements can further enhance the property research process, allowing for comprehensive planning and informed decision-making.


The ruler tool in Google Earth serves as an indispensable asset for individuals involved in property research and development. From its capability to provide detailed measurements to its impact on decision-making, the tool offers a comprehensive understanding of a property’s potential. As I continue to delve into the intricacies of property assessment and development, I look forward to sharing more insights and experiences in future posts.

If you have any questions or would like to delve deeper into this topic, feel free to reach out. Stay tuned for further explorations of property research and development using Google Earth’s powerful features.

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Important note: Google Earth is NOT the same as Google Maps. It is a completely different utility and serves a completely different function.

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