Embracing the Little Moments: Building Bonds in Everyday Spaces

As a dad, witnessing your child mimic your actions can feel like a small act, but it holds significant symbolic importance. It’s a sign of respect, admiration, and love. Tonight, I want to share with you a simple yet profound aspect of my life where these little moments of mimicry shine. That is our bathroom setup.

Our Shared Bathroom: More Than Just a Space

My son and I share the master bath, primarily because he loves the walk-in shower. Here, we’ve managed to create individual yet overlapping spaces. He has his own little setup right next to mine which makes our morning and evening routines special bonding times. Unfortunately, a large part of this is because he doesn’t have his own space at his mom’s. He shares everything except his bedroom.

His Space

To make things easy and to keep him from streaking across the apartment in a towel, I’ve placed a small basket in the bathroom specifically for him. It contains his nightly necessities: fresh underwear, a pair of socks, and PJs. It’s stationed right there for when he steps out of the shower, mirroring my own arrangement on the other side.

My Space

Alongside, my personal items are lined up: deodorant, floss, hand soap, shaving supplies, cologne, and my toothbrush. I keep these items within reach, streamlined for efficiency but also openly visible to him. I try and keep things simple. I don’t have anything fancy in the bathroom except maybe the type of soaps I use, but that’s a discussion for another time!

The Mimicry of Love

On his side, the little guy has made sure his setup echoes mine. He’s got his cologne… yes, he insists on using what I use… along with his toothbrush, toothpaste, Listerine, deodorant, and not one but two combs for his hair. His section of the bathroom is his domain. He decorates and organizes it, maintaining it with a sense of pride.

This mimicry extends beyond the bathroom. For instance, though he knows that his Legos belong in his room, he’s carved out spots in our living room so he can be near me while he builds. He’s not just playing; he’s staying connected, showing in his way that our time together matters to him. He has even set up shop on the other side of my bed. When I am “at work” (remotely) he bundles up on that side of the bed. He does not get in the middle of the bed or on my sleeping side of the bed. He stays to his side, which happens to be close to the outside wall of the apartment. There he has a stash of what he feels are his must haves. Those items include a blanket and a pillow. He keeps them secretly tucked away on the floor there… just in case.

Cherishing These Moments

Seeing your child imitating your actions or habits is more than just cute; it’s a testament to their admiration and a reflection of their desire to be like you. It is a potent reminder that you are their role model and that these small moments are foundational to their development.

Embrace these opportunities. Carve out space for them, both literally and figuratively. These are the moments when bonds are strengthened. It’s not just about a shared bathroom or a corner for playing Legos. It’s about the message it sends: they want to be with you, learn from you, and be part of your world.

So, if you notice your kid trying to copy your morning routine or setting up a play area close to your usual spot, take a moment to appreciate it. These actions are their way of saying, “I love you, Dad. I want to be like you.” And honestly, there’s no higher compliment than that. Let’s relish in these moments. After all, kids grow up so fast; these memories of simple shared routines will resonate with us long after they’ve moved on to create their own spaces.

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